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Three Cans Barrel Horses owned by Rachelle Mose, was founded in 2011. We all know Rome wasn't built in a day. The realization that I wanted to find the best mare and plan to cross the best stallion based on proven crosses was the ultimate plan. Back story: I was the state champion in FFA for Market Animal Evaluation in High School. You may not know how that applies here, but I have an eye for good conformation. I always look at the structure of a horse and see how that will compliment my mare. Running and turning is more about how a horse is built than a lot of people give it credit. In addition to the bloodlines that are proven to be mentally sound. Hours of research and determination helped me get started. I bought mares by Frenchmans Guy, Texas High Dasher & Judge Cash (all NFR producers). To my surprise after 4-5 years of waiting, my first foal crop all became stars.

All of my past and present foals are listed below. 

'12 First Rappin Judge, my first Palomino colt by First Down French, o/o Cash Bet on Blankus, Judge Cash mare. He became a standout 1D horse with Josi St-Cyr in Texas as a 4 yr old!  

'12 Party Cuz Im French, sorrel gelding by Honors A bounding o/o FG mare: Ril Francy Pants, hits the 1D first year entered and wins the OBRA 1000 weekend average saddle 2017!

'12 Rockalishus, brown mare by Bulldashus o/o WR Oh Too Rock (Texas High Dasher), sold as a yearling, started/trained by Cody Hyde & has 1D earnings with owner/jockey!   

'13 First Class Machine, sorrel gelding by First Down French, o/o JC mare (Cash Bet on Blankus). Mac got a later start and missed the futurities, but is hitting the 2d in CA with owner/jockey! 

'13 Ril Cash Queen, bay mare by Judge Cash o/o Ril Francy Pants (FG). This mare won 2D futurity money, and has only gotten faster, was in the top 5 in '18 OBRA 1000 Novice horses. 1D Money winner and recently placing in top 3 on a standard (17.2 & 17.4), against top rodeo horses with new 14 yr old owner/jockey! Keep your eyes out for this hot duo! 

'13 Alive n Firen in Texas, brown colt by Alive n Firen o/o WR Oh Too Rock (Texas High Dasher). Sold as a weanling, ranch raised and trained in multiple events. 2D money earner & even sired a couple colts before being gelded.

'14 Iza French Dream: Buckskin filly by FDF, o/o WR Oh Too Rock (Texas High Dasher o/o Jet N Rocket mare, which was a top cross with FG at the time). Izi is a 1D Open, Futurity & Derby $ earner, won the OBRA 1000 year end saddle and 1000 weekend average saddle in '19. She won the OBRA Open year end saddle in '20 & has lifetime earnings over $12k.

'15 Fierce Rockin Girl, Palomino filly by FDF, o/o WR Oh Too Rock. 1D Futurity & Open $ earner, has earnings over $20k. Won the OBRA 1000 Novice year end and 1000 Novice weekend average saddle in '20. 

'15 Royal Jetzablazin, sorrel gelding by Blazin Jetolena, o/o RoyalSong Forgoddess (black type mare by A Classic Dash). He is on track to be entered and has a big motor.

'15 Judge My French Fling, sorrel mare by French Streaktavegas o/o Cash Bet on Blankus (JC). Filly is finished in most the gaming events and has won 2D futurity $. 

'16 Rockafamer, sorrel filly by Streaking ta Fame o/o WR Oh Too Rock! Super nice filly on track for the 5 yr old Futurities in '21. 

'16 Gettin a Lil Blazed, sorrel filly by Blazin Jetolena, o/o Pepsidoc (Docs Gettin Reckless) *full sister to JK Reckless Lady, $100k slot race winner & LTE $165k+. Real broke and cowy, wants to get to work, will futurity in '21. May go into Breakaway training...

'16 Dibs on a Frenchgirl, sorrel filly by Dashin Dynamo, o/o Ril Francy Pants (FG). Sold in utero and is broke and going nice for the '21 Futurities.

'16 KM Blazin Betty, red roan filly by Blazin Jetolena, o/o Cash Bet on Blankus (JC). Sold as a weanling, started and going good. 

'17 Slick Rappin Judge, sorrel gelding by Slick By Design o/o Cash Bet on Blankus (JC), sold as a 2 yr old to a top futurity trainer, going nice on barrels and is one to watch. 

'17 Not a Basic B, rabicano chestnut filly by Slick By Design o/o Blazin Rockstar (1d mare by Blazin Jetolena), sold as a 2 yr old. Most favorite horse in the owners barn. 

'18 KDW Lil Fiery Fiesta, sorrel mare by HP Dash Ta Fiesta o/o Betty Freelove (Cutting $ earner, by Stylin a Little/Miss n Cash). Great mover and very willing filly, a barn favorite trainer says (in a big barn).

'18 So Blazin Slick, chestnut gelding by Slick By Design, o/o Blazin Rockstar (BJO). He has super quick feet and I can't wait to see if he has the same feel as his dam. Currently getting started with Russell Cardoza! *Available

'18 Palomino A Smooth Guy filly owned by K3 Quarter Horses (I am listed as the breeder, was unable to use the breeding). 

'19 So Streakin Slick, bay colt by Slick By Design, o/o Wicked Streaking Lily (1d mare by Terribly Wicked). Colt is built right and bought by a top gal in the NW. 

'19 Feel The Snap, chestnut colt by Feel the Sting o/o Betty Freelove (Stylin a Little), super nice colt that is in NM, and waiting to be started.

'20 Da Blazin Ticket, chestnut colt by Dashin Dynamo o/o Blazin Rockstar (BJO). Super nice compact colt that will have a cool move w/ a lot of speed! *Available

'21 TBA

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