Three Cans Barrel Horses


Here is a little about me: 

I reside on a 33 acre ranch in Tumalo, a small rural area 6 miles west of Bend, OR.

We have a great view of the 3 sisters mountains here. My brand is the 3 sisters with an R under it. I designed my brand and most any colt that is here til they are 2 or 3 wears one.

I am the only horse fanatic in my family.

We raise Orchard Grass hay blend to sell, and that is what my horses eat. 

We raise Grass Fed Beef here, to eat & sell.

I studied Psychology in college and feel that this information helps me to learn & teach how these equines are trained.

I started buying Broodmares in '11 when the economy was down & my program  has been going strong since. 

My program is expanding, and I am here to be an asset to the industry. 

Now offering:

  • Consignment Horses, quiet list too.

  • Taking in Tune-up's or horses to be patterned on barrels.

  • Lessons, horsemanship or barrels

  • Barrel Incentive bred prospects for sale

  • Insight to the supplements I use & why

  • Therapies, listed at the bottom of this page

Contact me today and let's get started! 


Rachelle Mose


My mission is to help people find the right horse for them & enjoy the ride. 

Breed, Raise, Train & Sell 

Highlights below... 


My Story




2014 Buckskin mare by FDF

shown winning the 2020 Open year end saddle at OBRA Finals & 4th in the weekend average. In 2019 she placed at tough futurities, won 2 saddles & buckle for 1D Avg, Reserve Champion! 

I bred & raised this mare, truly a special athlete! 

LTE $15k+, 3 saddles & 2 buckles

Will offer 2 Embryos in 2021

izi obra finals run out.JPG


Winning reserve 1D avg at 2019 OBRA Finals, and the 1000 Novice year end & 1000 Novice Average weekend saddles! 



2015 mare by FDF,shown here winning the 1000 Novice Year end and weekend avg at OBRA Finals in 2020, placed 9th in 1D avg against top rodeo horses!! She has qualified for the Breeders Challenge Derby and ran in the 1D at the Ruby Buckle. Truly a gifted mare.

Tesla is a natural, I bred, raised & trained this mare.

  LTE $30k+ 2 saddles! 

tesla 3rd barrel obra finals 2020.JPG

Lessons & Treatment Therapies

Knowledge is Power


I enjoy the strategic details of horsemanship. After riding horses at different clinics and learning as much as I could, I would like to pass that along.  Over the years I have ridden with different clinicians, such as: Ted Lee, Ed Wright, Sue Smith, Ryan Lovendahl, Tanya Jones, Paul Humphrey & Ron Ralls. I never want to stop learning & hope to share from what I have learned. 

Call for availability & price.


  1. Acuscope & Myopulse: The Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse are FDA approved medical instruments that applies low voltage micro-currents to reduce pain by stimulating the nervous system of the body. They detect the abnormal electrical tissue responses and adjust its own response to produce a balancing effect. In bio-electrical technology, the combination of these two medical instruments is the most effective and advanced approach to accelerating the healing process and rehabilitation therapy.​

  2. Sports Innovation 3 in 1 Blanket: PEMF, MASSAGE & HEAT. I use this blanket a lot when I am on the road traveling. I feel it keeps my horses muscles from getting sore & revives them as they are tired from trailering. I believe my horses benefit from this therapy & want to offer to others for the same experience.

  3. FlexiNeb: I use the FlexiNeb Nebuliser when I am on the road. I feel like this is paramount to quality respiratory function and assisting these athletes from the common dusts found in the arenas and shavings. I am always trying to better assist my equines' needs.

  4. Cold laser:  3B Cold Therapy Lasers are 95% effective for pain relieving and anti-inflammation in many cases. This handheld laser has MORE 808nm diodes and is stronger than other similar handheld lasers on the market. The mechanism of low level laser therapy (LLLT) is combined with wavelength 808nm and 650nm laser, when it gives you the direct irradiation on your knee, joint, neck or spine, thus to improve the microcirculation & metabolism in the irradiated area and increase an abundant blood supply to the injured tissues. In addition, the cold laser device increases the tensile strength of tissue, accelerate the rehabilitation of the sports injury, relieve the pain and anti-inflammation. The 660mW cold laser therapy machine has been proven in clinical trials to promote faster healing times and reduce pain.  

  5. Package deals with stay-over/board available. 

~Call for pricing on these key therapies & package deals. ~

Offering: One-on-One Instruction, Tune-Ups & starting horses on barrels.

"Quality of rides over quantity, don't over do the right thing. "


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